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Microsoft Game Camp crucial for upcoming Xbox One-release Magnetic: Cage Closed


The PC-version of Magnetic: Cage Closed hit Steam on May 26th. With great reviews from both gamers and reviewers. Next step for Guru Games: release on Xbox One.

- Microsoft Game Camp 2014 and support from Microsoft has been essential for having a game ready for release this summer, says Daniel Ström, CEO Guru Games.

Sweden in general, and Sweden Game Arena in Skövde in particular, has turned into a successful and powerful video games development hub and new startups, producing hit after hit. Last year Microsoft Game Camp was introduced to ensure a continuous flow of new startups in Skövde. Microsoft Game Camp has some unique success factors:

  • Reaching out to students through broad and deep engagement by providing Microsoft hardware, software and seminars.
  • Ensuring guidance and clear vision for the students by bringing in mentors from established and internationally acclaimed Swedish game studios
  • Providing Xbox One development kits in an attractive dev environment
  • A unique cross-industry collaboration between Microsoft, the University of Skövde, Gothia Science Park, the Municipality of Skövde and Unity

One of the teams participating in Microsoft Game Camp 2014 was Guru Games.

- Microsoft Game Camp and the support from Microsoft and Sweden Game Arena has been essential for building our industry network, access to Xbox One development kits, knowledge on development for Microsoft platforms, and last but not least, having our game Magnetic: Cage Closed ready for release on Xbox One later this year. This would most likely not have been possible without Microsoft Game Camp, says Daniel Ström.

Microsoft Game Camp returns 2015. It will kick-off on June 5th and have its finale on Sweden Game Conference, September 14-16.

- During all summer almost 100 talented game development students from the University of Skövde will try to become this year’s Guru Games. We are very excited to take part in the Game Camp and follow student teams and see them collaborate, innovate, develop new games and transform into new startups, says Per-Arne Lundberg, Vice President Gothia Science Park and GSP Incubator.

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